Girl – Get Your Gear

Links: Pants (Oiselle 3/4 Team Tights) / Sneakers (Brooks – Adrenaline GTS 18) / Bar (Oiselle – Flyout Bra) / Socks (Balega – Blister Resist No Show) / Glove + Mitten Combo (Craft – Unisex Hybrid Weather Glove) / Technical Shirt (Her Tribe Athletics – Long Sleeve Tech) / Headband (Skida – Pacific Paisley)  / Headphone (Sudio – Tre Earbuds) / Water Bottle (Live Infinitely – Flip Top Fruit Infuser)

So you’re excited to get out there and conquer the world after a week off or maybe you need some solo time after spending a week rushing from one family activity to another.

Let’s talk about some winter gear that might help you get outside to clear your head, be safe and stay warm…

These are the items I could not possibly live without on these chilly New England days in the pursuit of my sub-2-hour half marathon training goal:

Warm Feet – since purchasing the Balega Blister Resist socks before the 2018 Chicago Marathon, I haven’t been able to live without these. They are super warm, lightweight and live up to their claim – I have been blister-free since October.

Along with toasty socks, I’ve been continuing my sneaker obsession – these next few months, I will be testing out the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 – a great stability shoe with lots’o’cushion for those extra frozen surfaces.  It also doesn’t hurt that they are on sale on Brooks’s website too! (Link Here)

Brooks Sneakers.JPG
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Warm Head /  Hands – since starting my winter running habit, I have somehow amassed a small heap of hats / mittens / gloves, because anyone who has run outdoors in January knows that it’s about function over beauty.

My new mitten / glove obsession is the Craft Sportswear Hybrid Unisex Weather Glove – you cannot go wrong with this and you get 20% of the winter sportswear (Link here).  Being able to keep warm with the mitten function but be able to have the flexibility of the gloves to take pictures / etc. has been amazing since I purchased these in early December.

Let’s talk head wear – depending on how windy / chilly the mornings and evenings get, I switch out between a toasty hat (new obsession is this pony tail hat from Her Tribe Athletics – link here) or Skida’s Alpine headbands (link here)

Skida Pacific Paisley Alpine Headband = Amazing

Techie Head – …a head cannot be complete without a little tech

We have little light here in New England throughout the winter – which can be a hazard for a klutzy runner like me.  To ensure you don’t slip and fall or bump into anything, I opt for this Petzl headlamp – as recommended by friend, Ann, who is an avid trail- and night-runner.  So sure, it’s not the sexiest addition to your running attire, but this headlamp was cost effective, packs a lot of light and added a whole lot of safety out there on my morning runs (Link on Amazon).

I know some folks in the running community are mixed about earbuds – especially on those early morning or evening runs without daylight.  It’s a personal decision and I prefer to hear my mile times/paces on a low volume using the Susie Tre earbuds (Link Here).  They stay hidden in my hats or headbands and stay in place like a dream – I do, however, keep volumes low so that I can hear what’s happening around me.

Headphones + Headlamp.JPG

Save the best for last – sorry to the gentlemen out there but this bra has been the ultimate game changer in my running.  The Oiselle Flyout Bra (Link Here) was something I found while looking for a creative way to hold both my phone and a few packages of fuel for the Chicago Marathon this past year.

This deceivingly understated bra has held my iPhone 8, 2 packets of Cliff Fuel, and my ID/credit cards with zero chaffing or movement during the marathon – as well as my many training runs leading up to and after.  One of the trickier lessons I learned last year running in the cold, was the disappearing act my phone would play on me halfway through super chilly runs – who knew that iPhones and below-freezing temps cause it to totally shut down?

Call me a baby, but losing my cell phone reception, music, etc. on a super-cold long run was getting frustrating – that is until I started using this Flyout bra.  It sits underneath my 2-3 layers and keeps the phone warm (and functioning) without any movement or bulk.  In fact I asked “Santa” for a second one this past Christmas because it truly is something I can’t live without…he obliged

Must have – Oiselle Flyout Bra will become your next game changer

Other Key Items:

  • Pants – As a shorter (5′ 2″) runner, I live in my Oiselle pants (3/4 length ones are more like full-length but the waistbands feel like a dream) – Link Here
  • Supplements – Something I learned during marathon training was that I wasn’t getting enough Magnesium (anyone who has had muscle cramps may want to give it a try) – I religiously take supplements to ensure I keep those nagging muscle aches at bay (Amazon Link Here)
  • Hydration – as a die hard procrastinator of hydration, I’ve found that this new water bottle (thanks to my Aunt Robin) has been a fun way to mix up plain water (Link Here).  So while your coffee technically counts as a source of water, if you’re feeling sluggish on your runs or during other workouts, you may in fact be dehydrated and not tired.

What gear do you use that’s been a game changer to your workouts or runs?


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