Back to School – Swim School

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…Triathlon training has officially commenced – and now it’s time to get serious about SWIMMING

I’m sure my mother would chuckle hearing me say I was a little hesitant about getting back into the pool – especially as a child who practically spent every possible moment of her summer in the pool diving, trying to swim the entire length of the pool with her breath held, and yes the obligatory cannonballs close to her sister and cousins to remind them a little person could make a big splash.

While it’s only the beginning of April, my first triathlon is (in my mind) quickly approaching in late July – last week I decided to rip the band-aid off and conquer a teeny tiny fear – swimming laps.

As someone who swam competitively in high school and lived in the pool or ocean most of my life, I’m no stranger to the act itself but as someone who tends to get bored easily and scared of having some “out dated” material – I was worried to hop back into the pool.  I finally told myself to “grow up”, I took the leap and signed up for advanced swimming classes through my local community’s recreation program – whew!

So on Monday evening, I found myself in a familiar setting walking across a warm pool deck and facing my silly fear – I admit that the thoughts leading up to the class were naturally much worse than the actual class – because as soon as I hopped in the pool, I was transported back to my childhood and within minutes, I was off and feeling alive.

For the next 8 weeks, I will be a student of swim school – with aspirations to add an extra day every other week to build up my swim stamina.

So now that triathlon training is now overlapping marathon training – slight pivot in my original Chicago Marathon training was needed

Here’s the New Plan – Triathlon + Marathon

Swim School in Full Swing

As I prepare for what this swim school will consist of past the 8-week course I signed up for, I found a great plan from – I’ll be splitting it up Mondays + Fridays – are you up for the plan too?

Swim Plan

It’s finally time to give my Garmin Fenix 5S a whirl and see how it performs in the pool as well!

What to wear, what to wear?

Here are some of the key components I came to the class armed with:

  • Absorbent towel – love those fluffy bath sheets but anyone who’s used a pool locker room knows that these big towels become heavy, super wet, and can drag on the floor…nuff said
  • Flip Flops – love my Havaianas (link to sandals here: flip flops)
  • Lock – larger pools sometimes mean locking up your gear
  • Goggles – I admit that I still have my Tyr goggles from way back when but they stood the test of time and I love the feel (link to similar pair here: goggles)
  • Swim Cap – Unless you have super short hair (yes even men with longer hair generally need to sport this spiffy cap) – you’ll need to have a swim cap – my mom gave me this breast cancer awareness one just prior to the start of training – goes without saying for longer hair but SILICON WILL SAVE YOUR HEAD – steer clear of those scary latex ones (link to cap here: cap)
  • Bathing Suit – now if you’re planning to swim more than a handful of times, I would say a basic one-piece suit for ladies would suffice but anything longer than a few times and you’ll want to invest in a new race-style suit (men or women).  You won’t need to spend a lot to get something that’ll help but here’s my recommendation for a women’s suit: bathing suit

Swim Essentials

So let’s get this show on the road!  I will be updating the live-link Fit-Nerd calendar at the bottom of the page in the next few hours to reflect the change in schedule!

Who’s joining me?  What other swim programs do you find help with either triathlon or cross-training for longer runs?

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