Drop the Mic – it’s Podcast Time


How do you pass the time on long runs, mornings filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic or just days when you need a little distraction?

Sanity preservation tactic: Podcasts

Podcasts Galore

Over the last year of runs exceeding the 1-hour mark and living/coping with the bustling Boston traffic scene each and every morning, I’ve learned that my beloved Tom Petty and Whitney Houston soundtracks just sometimes don’t cut it – I fall myself slipping into zombie-like states after an hour or so of just tunes (huge bummer – but an opportunity to explore something new)

I knew my runs and commute needed a face lift – big time – so naturally, I started researching alternatives on Runner’s World – everything from exploring new landmarks on runs to making running dates with friends

Limiting Factors: Time + Advanced Prep

6 business trips, 8 swim lessons, 2 races, 1 wedding, 1 holiday, and far too many meetings to count in the next 1.5 – 2 months, sometimes the novelty of finding time to explore new running spots or partnering up with my running buddies isn’t an option – so my go-to to pass the time even on shorter runs and catch up on some seriously intriguing topics –> Podcasts

For the folks looking for running entertainment or just catching up on running hubbub on the way to work, here’s the round up of my 8 favorite podcasts:

  1. I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein (Link here: I’ll Have Another Podcast)
    • Lindsey has some FABULOUS guests each week, ranging from Olympic runners to physicians.  Her laid-back and lighthearted style is perfect when you have a sleepy morning commute or early morning run
  2. Strength Running (Link here: Strength Running Podcast)
    • Are you one of those self-proclaimed tip-obsessed runners?  THIS is your podcast if you answered yes.  I love some of the topics on injury prevention and strength training.  I originally stumbled upon this after looking for some strength training guidance to pair with marathon training.  I definitely have had to re-play certain episodes if I’m not entirely focused, so I generally save these treats for my afternoon or long runs.
  3. Happier with Gretchen Rubin (Link here: Happier Podcast)
    • Who doesn’t want to be happier right?  Why not give the resident expert in happiness and balancing the chaos of life, Gretchen Rubin, a listen?  She’s witty, practical and just levels with you – zero sugar coating on the elusive subject of happiness here.  And she has even partnered with other amazing running-centric podcasts (such as Marathon Training Academy) – I’ve included a You Tube video with 2 of my favorite worlds colliding on a fascinating subject below.
  4. Yoga Peeps (Link here: Yoga Peeps Podcast)
    • When I’ve had a “train off the tracks” kind of week – this is usually my go to – whether it’s the tone of Lara’s voice to some of the subjects, like applying the yoga practice to your everyday life – something about this one just helps to hit a small reset button – trust me, give it a try.
  5. Run to the Top (Link here: Run to the Top Podcast)
    • Ok – so this is a newer one in my portfolio and after listening to the March 14, 2018 episode with Dr. Sandy Baird, I was HOOKED.  I ended up walking away from this podcast episode by signing up for Sandy’s e-Book, rethinking chiropractic work, and sailed through a long car ride without even realizing it.
  6. Marathon Training Academy (Link here: Marathon Training Academy Podcast)
    • Whether you’re a marathon newbie or seasoned professional, this husband/wife duo brings great conversational style, interesting guests and some great race-recaps.  When I was new to marathons last year, I found that a lot of their “fundamentals” were great tips.
  7.  Ben Greenfield Fitness (Link here: Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast)
    • Another tip-filled / data nerd loving podcast with guests bringing to the table lots of great overall fitness tips and perspectives.
  8. Endurance Planet (Link here: Endurance Planet Podcast)
    • SUPER diverse fitness + running-related topics – this is one I definitely try and coordinate with longer runs, so that I can focus on the interviews.  I’ve found the tips to be helpful and insightful but beat myself up when I need to constantly rewind b/c my mind wanders…

What else do you do to keep your attention from crumbling during long workouts?

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