Weekly Meditation Challenge Update

Week 1 of the Meditation Challenge

Raise your hand if February is off to a bang!

In the nerdy world of Finance (at least in my capacity), the first 5 days of each month feel like Armageddon… too many deadlines, lots of financials, KPIs, headaches, lunches and dinners ordered in and a total void of peace.

Many of my family members and friends can attest to my hair pulling / cell phone therapy sessions on the drive home from work each month-end close – as someone who is in her early 30s with high-blood pressure, stress management is not just a nice-to-have, but an absolute life saver (literally).  I have been promising myself (and my blood pressure) that I would start meditating.

Week 1 of the 30-day challenge has been hectic but successful — despite 12-14 hour work days the last week and a very nasty cold, finding 5 min of peace to quietly reflect and meditate was surprisingly easy.

Here’s the routine thus far –

  • Mornings – after my first cup of coffee – I found that it was the time of day when my thoughts were still quiet and not quite racing – I attempted to squeeze in another 5 min in the late afternoon on Tuesday when the week’s stress was at its peak, but my mind was so clouded that I had a hard time settling in.  Lesson here: I need more practice…
  • Pillows / Cushions / Placement – I love my trusty Pier 1 over sized pillow, covered in a dark gray velour pillowcase, preferably in front of my sliding glass doors.  As an office-dweller (sans a window), I take every opportunity I can to soak up as much natural light as possible
  • Tunes or No Tunes? As someone who thinks a million miles a minute and has 2 speeds (zero and 120 mph), I found that the guided meditation apps on my phone were a godsend
    • Here are a couple of great ones (and Free yipee!):
      • Simple Habit (https://www.simplehabit.com/)
        • The 31-Day Fresh Start: Meditate series is perfect for those newbie like me who can’t seem to figure out what to do with your hands, eyeballs, mount, and breath… I was a disaster when I first started this past week
      • Calm (https://www.calm.com/)

Who else is meditating regularly or doing this challenge?  What are your recommendations / thoughts / pearls of wisdom?

Weekly Meditation Challenge Updates

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